A Comprehensive Analysis of Bajrang Intersection (NH-46 and NH-146), India: A Proposal to Enhance Intersection Efficiency


  • Abdul Arham Khan SATI Vidisha, India Author
  • Pradeep Purohit SATI Vidisha, India Author
  • Rakesh Mehar SATI Vidisha, India Author


Intersection, Accident, Congestion, At-grade, Grade separated, Design Speed


:  Intersection development involves planning and design to ensure safe and efficient traffic flow while enhancing safety and considering environmental and community factors. This research proposes the improvement of the existing Bajrang intersection located at the junction of Bhopal Bypass (NH-46) and Bhopal-Raisen Road (NH-146) in the Kokta area of Madhya Pradesh, India. The Bajrang intersection is a designated black spot notorious for its unsafe conditions for crossing and driving, resulting in accidents and subsequent human and financial losses. Therefore, it is imperative to enhance and redesign it to facilitate safe and easy crossing and manoeuvres. Options for improvement have been proposed. Heavy commercial traffic utilizes NH-46, while NH-146 caters to a large number of private vehicles, with the area also surrounded by numerous educational institutions generating significant college bus traffic. The proposed methodology is based on an inventory (preliminary) survey and adheres to IRC codes. The inventory survey collected data on the existing road, and the best suitable options per IRC recommendations have been proposed accordingly. The outcomes of this research indicate that the newly proposed grade-separated intersections will reduce accidents, increase capacity, accommodate future demands, and enhance the Level of Service (LOS). The improved proposal ensures greater safety compared to the existing intersection, with the design speed of vehicles increasing from 20-30 Km/h to 60-80 Km/h. These improvements, such as Vehicle Operation Cost (VOC), will reduce human and financial losses.




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A Comprehensive Analysis of Bajrang Intersection (NH-46 and NH-146), India: A Proposal to Enhance Intersection Efficiency. (2024). International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology and Science, 12(2), 135-147. https://ijirts.org/index.php/ijirts/article/view/22

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