A Comprehensive Review of Stress and Strain Analysis in Pistons Utilizing Composite Materials via ANSYS Software


  • Prabhat Singh Rathore SAM Global University, Bhopal, India Author
  • Vineet Kumar Dwivedi SAM Global University, Bhopal, India Author


Internal Combustion (IC) Engines, Performance, ANSYS Software Composite Modelling, Boundary Conditions, Load Conditions, Meshing


A piston is a crucial component of reciprocating engines, reciprocating pumps, compressors, and pneumatic cylinders, among other similar mechanisms. Enclosed within a cylinder, it seals gases via piston rings and converts the energy of expanding gases into mechanical energy. The piston operates within the cylinder liner or sleeve and is typically made of aluminium or cast-iron alloys. This study focuses on designing a piston for a bike’s petrol engine, analysing stress and strain using composite materials through computational simulations via ANSYS software. Pistons endure significant mechanical loads and thermal stresses, emphasising their importance in various mechanical systems. Integrating composite materials in piston design offers benefits like improved strength-to-weight ratios and tailored mechanical properties. ANSYS software enables detailed finite element analysis (FEA), allowing engineers to accurately simulate and assess composite piston performance under diverse conditions. This paper delves into methodologies for composite modelling, material characterisation, and setting up boundary conditions within ANSYS to predict stress and strain accurately. Furthermore, recent advancements and challenges in composite piston analysis are discussed, covering fatigue analysis, thermal effects, optimisation techniques, and failure criteria assessment. Insights from this review contribute to a comprehensive understanding of composite piston mechanics, guiding future research towards optimising their performance and durability in engineering applications.




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A Comprehensive Review of Stress and Strain Analysis in Pistons Utilizing Composite Materials via ANSYS Software. (2024). International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology and Science, 12(2), 278-287. https://ijirts.org/index.php/ijirts/article/view/42

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