About the Journal

International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology and Science (IJIRTS) is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, and fully refereed research journal of Revista publication. The sole responsibility of Revista publication is to promote the research and studies in the fields of Technology, Science, Management and Engineering. The Revista publication works in diversified research, studies, and publishing development fields to upgrade and motivate society and upcoming researchers. It also welcomes experienced researchers to guide the beginners and enhance the moderate researchers with their esteemed, delighted and incomparable knowledge.

Revista publication publish open access, scholarly, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, fully refereed, bi-yearly scientific online international journal Journal of Informatics Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IJIRTS) to provide a platform to Scientists, Engineers, Research Scholars, Students and Academicians for showcasing their research findings. It is the vision of IJIRTS to publish original research papers, refereed papers, and articles in all areas of computer science, electronics, and electrical engineering. The IJIRTS journal invites all sorts of research work in all Engineering and Science (Computer Science, Information Technology, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering) areas. The IJIRTS journal publishes original Research Papers, Review Papers, Survey Papers, etc. The journal reviews papers approximately an average of six weeks of submission and publishes accepted articles online immediately upon receiving the final versions. All the papers in the journal are freely available as online full-text content and permanent worldwide web links. All the papers in the journal are also obtainable freely as online full-text content and permanent worldwide web links. The article will be indexed and available in major academic international databases.

Frequency: 06 issues per year