A Survey on Steel Fibre as a Reinforcement in Concrete: A General Review


  • Shravan Kumar Gupta I-MAP Division, CSIR - Ampri, Bhopal, India Author
  • Atul Kumar Shrivastava SAM Global University, Bhopal, India Author


Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC), Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC), Mechanical properties


Commercially available fibres are made from steel, plastic, glass, etc. Steel fibres, characterised by their discrete, short lengths, are small enough to be easily and randomly dispersed in the fresh concrete mix using conventional mixing procedures. They typically possess an aspect ratio (length to diameter) ranging between 20 and 100, with various cross-sectional shapes. While the random distribution of steel fibres may result in some loss of efficiency compared to traditional rebars, their close spacing enhances the concrete’s hardness, tensile properties, and crack resistance. Combining fibre reinforcement with traditional steel reinforcement often enhances overall performance. Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is a composite material comprising regular concrete or mortar randomly reinforced with discrete, short, and fine fibres of specific geometry. Fibres, including horse hair and straw, have historically reinforced brittle building materials like clay sun-baked bricks, dating back to around 3500 years ago. Although the concept of fibre reinforcement in fragile materials is ancient, using fibres in concrete gained traction in the early 1960s. Over the past three decades, extensive research and development in fibre-reinforced concrete have significantly improved product characteristics. This study provides an overview of steel fibre-reinforced concrete’s mechanical properties, advantages, and applications.




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