Enhancing Machine Learning Through Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Exploration


  • Anchal Rajak SAM Global University, Bhopal, India Author
  • Nitish Kumar Roy SAM Global University, Bhopal, India Author


Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Deep Belief Network


Machine learning enables computers to improve automatically through experience, situated at the intersection of Computer Science, Statistics, and Artificial Intelligence. It is a pivotal technique within the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Neural networks, drawing inspiration from the brain, are potent tools in machine learning. They operate by adjusting connections between artificial neurons to discern patterns within data. This adaptive capability renders them invaluable across diverse domains. A neural network, a cornerstone of artificial intelligence, mirrors the structure and functionality of the human brain. Comprising interconnected nodes, or artificial neurons, it processes information in layered sequences. Each neuron receives input from others, performs computations, and propagates outputs to subsequent layers. Neural networks refine their performance over time by training on vast datasets and adjusting connection weights between neurons, signifying the strength of interactions. This paper delves into refining machine learning algorithms, surpassing many predecessors in recognising syllables and images. Machine learning remains a vigorously evolving research field within the machine learning and pattern recognition community, yielding significant breakthroughs in applications like speech recognition, computer vision, and natural language processing, permeating various industrial products. Neural networks are the linchpin for implementing machine learning and crafting intelligent systems. This paper provides a concise overview of various machine learning paradigms, application areas, different types of neural networks, and their respective applications.




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Enhancing Machine Learning Through Neural Networks: A Comprehensive Exploration. (2024). International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology and Science, 12(2), 155-162. https://ijirts.org/index.php/ijirts/article/view/24

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