Volume 09 Issue 01, JANUARY 2021

Alamouti Space-Time Coding for Channel Estimation in MIMO Systems

Sunny Prabhat, Savita Chouhan

Page no:01-04


This article analyses various researches on MIMO STBC system to achieve better system performance. It is well known that wireless communication systems' performance can be improved by acquiring multiple transmit and receive antennas, commonly referred to as MIMO technology, and they have been combined. Space-time coding is a promising method for realising benefits in wireless communication systems using MIMO. Analyse more than two transmit antennas to increase the coding rate and the coding of orthogonal space-time blocks. Many researchers have studied many benefits and enough performance to achieve diversity. The development of transmission diversity technology has begun to expand the future of this fast fashion research field. Due to the potential increase in data diversity and the performance of wireless links provided by transmitting diversity and MIMO technology, this is expected to become the cornerstone of various wireless communication systems with multiple input multiple output technologies.