Volume 08 Issue 06, November 2020

Enhanced Robustness Grayscale Image Hybrid Multiple Watermarking Technique and PBVST

Ankit Choubey, Prof. Manish Rai

Page no:1-7


Enhanced robustness grayscale image hybrid multiple watermarking technique and PBVST. The recent time witnessed an excellent need for high-performance digital signal processing (DSP) systems for high end emerging applications, DCT performance low quality. Digital watermarking technology could also be a frontier research field, and it mainly focuses on the property rights, identification ion and authentication of the digital media to shield the important documents. As indicated by the primary investigation of computerized picture watermarking the advanced watermarking model comprises of two modules, which are watermark implanting module and watermark extraction and discovery module. Digital documents are often copied and scattered easily to large numbers of individuals with none cost. People can download audio, image files, which they will share them with friends which they will influence or change their original contents. Because of this, there's more probability of the copying of such digital information. In this way, there's a critical need of denying such ill-conceived copyright of advanced media. Digital watermarking (DWM) is the dominant solution to this problem. This paper intends to give a thorough investigation of computerized watermarking strategies, mainly centres around advanced picture watermarking DCT and its applications used in numerous the present in the world. It had been upheld the blend of three changes: the discrete wavelet change (DWT), discrete cosine change (DCT) and, the particular worth deterioration (SVD) and mixture numerous watermarking method are low power and low PSNR. During this paper, three watermark pictures of sizes NxN have picture 512x 512, the viability of the proposed strategy regarding quality and power contrasted with other revealed watermarking methods. Proposed binary values shifting technique supported binary values shifting in image data insert into a cover image in a type of binary values shifting process is proposed approach in this paper which uses the statistical characteristics of the pixels to embed the watermark into improving PSNR values and image watermarking on the Windows platform using Matlab programming language.

Deposit Insurance Pricing of The Mean-Reverting Model in An Uncertain Financial Market

Zhiming Hu, Yuanguo Zhu

Page no:8-18


Deposit insurance is a contract that allows banks to seek compensation for insurance companies when certain conditions are met (usually when assets are too low). In this paper, deposit insurance is regarded as a put option. The uncertain fractional differential equation plays an important role in describing the uncertain dynamic process. We assume that bank stock prices obey an uncertain fractional differential equation of the Caputo type. Theorems for the inverse uncertain distributions of extreme values is given based on the definition α−path. Due to the particularity of bank interest rates, it is assumed that interest rates obey an uncertain mean-reverting model. Based on the different compensation situations of insurance institutions, the price of deposit insurance against three cases has been given. Besides, numerical calculations are also illustrated to different parameters.