Volume 06 Issue 04, July 2018

Attacks, Routing Protocols and Security challenges in VANET

Roshi Mishra, Ratan Singh

Page no:01-08


Vehicular Ad hoc Networks are multichip networks with no fixed infrastructure in which the vehicles are communicate with each other (V to V) and vehicles are communicate with RSU (V to RSU) in dynamic environment. It consists of moving vehicles communicating with each other in different zones and continuously sharing traffic information for knowing traffic status. The responsibility of every vehicle is to forward the traffic status to requester vehicles. As same as MANET due to open medium security is always the major concern in VANET. The attacker vehicle/s is forward the large huge amount of unwanted messages to consume the network limited bandwidth or drops the data packets or traffic status packets. In this paper we proposed the IDS based V-RSU communication. RSU with IDS identified the attacker vehicles by that unusual interference in communication. The RSU collects the information from vehicles and forwarded to other vehicles or other RSU. The proposed IDS security algorithm is applied to RSU to recognize the attacker vehicle activities. The RSU after identified it block their functionality of communication. The proposed security scheme is identified the attacker vehicle and block their presence in network. The aim of this research is to providing security against malicious attack, to allow new proposed models to build their work on solid realistic models against packet dropping attack. In this proposed scheme, vehicles obtain traffic data when they pass by a road side unit (RSU) and then share the data after they travel out of the RSU’s coverage. A basic issue of proposed security scheme is how vehicles effectively work in presence of attacker. The simulation results are confirmed that RSU provides naught dropping of packets in presence attacker e.g. the indication of secure communication. The previous research work in security are provides the guidelines in field of security to protect network from different attacks. The packet dropping attack is dropping the all traffic information and also proposed scheme is block attacker existence and improvement network performance.