Volume 06 Issue 01, JANUARY 2018


Migena Qato, Dhimiter Kraja, Najada Como, Arben Ndreu

Page no:01-04


Steven Johnson syndrome is a rare, life threatening disorder that is clinically manifested with rash, bullous formation, oral and ocular lesions and geni-tal and anal lesions. Usually this syndrome begins with influenza-like symptoms and continues with a red rash and blisters. Then the top layer of the af-fected skin dies and sheds. This case report is about a 28 year old male patient who was referred to the Infectious Disease Hospital of University Hospital Center Mother Theresa Tirana with the suspected diagnosis of Hemorrhagic Fever. The patient referred 5 days of malaise, rash, fever, ar-thralgia, myalgia, headache, and nausea As soon as the patient was admitted; we immediately per-formed specific serologic tests, therapeutic regi-men for hemorrhagic fever and complementary examination. Within the first 10 hours, we noticed that the rash became more intense and other skin lesion and bullous formation appeared. The patient was admitted in ICU and initial diagnosis of Steven Johnson Syndrome was made. This case report elaborates the particular clinical appearance and the misdiagnosis that was associated with Steven Johnson Syndrome. Specific conditions as the prolonged prodromal phase of SJS, the strong epi-demiological data for hemorrhagic fever, the ab-sence of information for misuse of drugs led us to-wards a “sure diagnosis” in the first place. Howev-er, the close follow-up in the ICU revealed new clin-ical signs and rapid differential diagnosis was done. Due to the intensive care therapy, which was applied for Hemorrhagic fever at first place, we managed to overcome complications and safe the patient life.