Volume 10 Issue 01, January 2022

Analysis of Productivity, Quality and Flexibility of an Advanced Manufacturing System

Prabhat Ranjan Bhardwaj, Ghanshyam Satnami

Page no:01-05


In the past, productivity was the main factor for evaluating manufacturing systems, which does not depict the system’s overall performance. Frequent change in the design and need for continuously improving product quality requires a high degree of automation and flexibility of the manufacturing system. For such systems, productivity, quality and flexibility are critical measures of total manufacturing performance for justifying capital-intensive project investment. This work aims to define and quantify productivity, quality, and flexibility and evaluate their combined effect on the overall manufacturing performance index. A mathematical model for performance index has been developed using multiple regression analysis. A relationship among productivity, quality and flexibility has been investigated, and a method has been proposed to decide whether decision-makers should opt automated production system or not.